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After Sales & General Maintenence

Our backup team is always available, on request, when required by our clients.


• Apartments
• Houses & Villas
• Cluster Housing

Ask for more details: Household Package

• Factories
• Warehouses & Stores
• Machine Plants

Ask for more details: Industrial Package

• Shops & Shopping Complexes
• Offices
• Hotels & Restaurants

Ask for more details: Commercial Package

We offer 3 packages:

HOUSEHOLDS PACKAGE where we regularly check plumbing, insulation, drains, electrical connections & cables, of our customers, on a small scale.

COMMERCIAL PACKAGE we offer this service, on a much larger scale, to property owners of cluster houses that are usually rented out, to company owned villas, commercial premises and embassies.

INDUSTRIAL PACKAGE this package is available for factories, warehouses and stores.